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LASHUS is a new professional, trustworthy lash brand that stands for honesty, authenticity and has integrity at its heart.

With over a decade of experience in using and training professional lash products, the creators behind LASHUS really know Lashes. By eliminating unnecessary chemically-derived ingredients and perfecting the staying power of it's lash lift formula, LASHUS delivers a gentle yet lasting formula for lash treatments in the UK and Ireland.

• Be Empowered. • Be Confident. • Be Beautiful. • Be Part of something Authentic. • Be proud to be with US.

This low-maintenance, high-impact treatment benefits EVERYONE. The LASHUS unique and extensive formula delivers the perfect lift, time and time again.

THE LIFT works with the client’s natural lashes to create the appearance of longer, thicker and more visible lashes. By straightening the natural lashes at the root, THE LIFT instantly gives extra volume, definition and length. Finishing THE LIFT is a deep intense tint to both the upper and lower lashes for that extra LASHUS factor.

Results! Clients love it! A lash lifting product with staying power - THE LIFT won't let you down. With instant results your clients can enjoy their LASHUS transformation for up to 8 weeks!

No harsh additives – no overdeveloping! LASHUS prides itself on its uniquely developed, gentle formula. By reducing the number of additives, you needn’t worry about frazzled lashes – LASHUS’ caring complex gives the appearance of longer, thicker ultimately more glamorous looking lashes without causing any damage to the natural lash

Huge earning potential! Uplifting sales with an average profit between £34-£38 per treatment

High-demand treatment! With the increasing popularity of lash treatments, THE LIFT offers a quick, affordable treatment that is maintenance-free!

Look out for our new amazing LASHUS classes at our CREATIVE ACADEMY LONDON to become a lashes professional.

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