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Exclusive competition seminar by MARIAN NEWMAN

Marian Newman troubleshoots Nailympia London to inspire UK techs to compete.

After many requests and much discussion, Marian Newman organised a competition seminar at Creative Academy London for all UK nail techs that wish to enter the Nailympia London (formerly known as The Nailympics London) international nail competition being held at Olympia Beauty in September 2014.

Marian has been the head floor judge for Nailympia London for many years and the seminar was a generous idea from Marian in order to troubleshoot any queries and help guide nail techs onto the competition circuit. Her knowledge and experience in the competition arena is invaluable, as she has been involved in UK nail competitions since their inauguration in the UK.

Nailympia London organiser and Scratch magazine editor Alex Fox also attended in order to support the event and help answer any queries that emerged. 

The seminar included subjects such as:

  • Explanation of the rules

  • Explanation of procedures

  • Competition tips for preparation, emergencies etc

  • Ways to create the perfect competition nails

  • How to compete in a Team

Competing in competitions raises personal skills, standards and also challenges the nail professional to improve. There are many categories and different levels in nail competitions, so as long as you choose a category that you enjoy, in the correct division so you compete at the level that fits your experience, you have every chance of success. The buzz you get from the arena and the networking alone make it a successful experience by just showing up and participating.

Nailympia London will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It has been a very long time since a team from the UK has been recognised for its excellence of work and by being involved this year, it will help to bring the trophy back to the UK!

If you are interested in joining our Team CND to compete this year at Nailympia 2014, please contact Anna Lee, CND Education Ambassador -

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