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UK Nail Professional, Anna Lee wins Services to the Nail Industry at the “Scratch Stars” Nail Awards 2018.

Nail professional, Anna Lee, from Creative Academy London is celebrating a triumphant win after being rewarded for Services to the Nail Industry, sponsored by Sweet Squared,at the Scratch Stars Awards 2018. The most prestigious annual awards on every nail professional’s calendar, presented by leading industry publication Scratch magazine, are now in their 7th year of recognising and rewarding outstanding talent and achievement within the professional nail industry.

This special award is to recognise someone within the professional nail industry who has over the last five years been dedicated to the growth and promotion of the industry and who has strived to improve standards and raise the professionalism of the sector.

Helena Biggs, Editor of Scratch Magazine said “The judges recognised the immense efforts that Anna has put into enhancing standards of the industry over a number of years through various projects, initiatives and education.”

Anna says “This is now my 3 Scratch Award in 4 years. 7 years ago, when I first became a CND™️ EA, I never ever thought I would come this far. All I wanted to do was to create awareness, encourage and support a sector of the industry who I felt at the time, was neglected and needed help. So I was determined to set that example, to pave a road for the SEA (South East Asian) nail techs to follow and look up to, to help us gain the respect and recognition we deserved.

Today, my hard work throughout the years has been recognised by the industry. That sense of accomplishment I feel inside is bursting out with pride from the bottom of my heart.

I want to dedicate this ‘Services to the Nail Industry’ award to Samantha Sweet and Samuel Sweet, the directors of Sweet Squared. From the moment they took me on as a CND™️ EA, they have supported me and my work 100%. People from the outside can only see the execution led by me, but no one sees the work and untold hours that they have given in the background in order for me to achieve what I have achieved.

At the beginning, Samantha and Samuel, like most people, had no understanding of the SEA culture or people. But in the last 7 years, they took the time to listen and learn from scratch what they needed to in order to encourage and help the SEA community. They trusted my decisions and encourage my ideas, supporting me in the background with whatever I needed to help me make the impossible possible.

I call them ‘my bosses’, but actually, those in the know will know that I work as an independent and they don’t actually pay me a salary. The word ‘boss’ is my respect for them, as leaders, as people who has looked after me and given me what I have today.

Samuel is calm, collective and a very clever person. I work closely with Samuel and I’ve seen many times how he rather loses out himself to ensure that our customers gets the best that they need to excel and flourish in their businesses.

Samantha is a darling, who is the first one to jump and back up her team when something goes wrong. She often calls us her assets, often tells people that we are too important to her and treats us with the love and respect like she has for her own family. The Sams never takes advantage of anyone, and always reward and recognise those who deserves it.

In the last 7 years, I have watch their business grow from strength to strength, from starting out in their little garage to the empire that they have built today. They have dedication, determination, commitment and most of all, integrity. I sincerely wish them nothing but the best.

So today, I hold this award and stand in front of the whole nail industry - to salute these two amazing people who has helped me tremendously, who truly gives back to the industry and truly deserves the recognition of their services to the industry. I am so honoured and proud to be a part of their team, to have known and work with such wonderful inspiring people.

I take this award not only for myself, but for the whole SEA nail community, for all my students, for Sweet Squared, for The Sams and everyone else who has supported me throughout the years. Because it is all of you who has made me what I am today. Without your love and support, it would be absolutely impossible for me to accomplish what I did.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists.

Thank you to everyone!"

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