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The Lashus THE LIFT is the only lash lift system you need. Developed by experts, it has been designed and specially formulated to our own unique specification to give consistent reliable results every time.


The Lashus THE LIFT works with the client’s own natural lashes, creating the appearance of longer, thicker and more visible lashes. By straightening the natural lashes at the root, the treatment instantly gives the lashes definition without the need for lash extensions. To finish the look, a tint is performed on both the upper and lower lashes.


* NEVER to be white labelled - the formula is unique and exclusive to the LASHUS brand distributed through S2. The formula is legally bound through a commitment contract from manufacturer to serve the pro exclusively.

* Made in the EU - eliminating long shipping times and avoiding extremes of temperature.
Products have a shelf life, and are temperature sensitive, long shipping times from many products imported from the Far East can eat into this.

* Consistency - the formula is under LASHUS and S2 control, manufactured, packaged and into temperature controlled storage within 48hours. This means that they are able to distribute products that are consistent in performance. Inconsistencies from sachet to sachet can happen when product is exposed to extremes of temperature or deteriorate in long shipping times.

* Gentle formula - LashUs partnership with its chemists worked to remove many of the unnecessary ingredients to create a much gentler formula. Just the right percentage of active ingredients and moisturisers for a guaranteed perfect result. There are formulas in the industry that focus on speed and increase certain ingredients to cut down on treatment time to the detriment of Lash health and risk of over processing. Throughout the range you will see this ‘stripped back’ ethos, For example, you will notice that the LASHUS blue-black tint is a mauve, the dark intense purple colourant most blue-black tints contain has been removed from the LASHUS formula because for the tint to work, it actually doesn't need it.

* No confusion – Timings and procedures are simple and consistent. 10 minutes for normal lashes and 12 minutes for coarse lashes. The lift lotion and the fix lotion has exactly the same timings. That's it.

* Branding - Clean, white simple branding that looks great lined up on show in the salon. Branding your clients will recognise across all salon support materials and the most beautiful aftercare products for maximum retail potential.

* Transparency - S2 works closely with the chemists and lab, setting the production standards and quality control high they can deal with problems effectively and efficiently. They are not representing another company's brand, they are representing their own brand, no middle man to go through and all answers are direct, straight forward and from themselves.

* Education - S2 has always been well known for their great education, they would only launch a product if they create great education to back it up with ongoing support. S2 has designed a pre assessment for all students to be taken before the class to ensure that all beginners have an understanding of anatomy before using the products in the class.


- £295.00 + VAT

  • Price includes LOVE LASHUS Education Kit

    Your kit will be ready for you to collect at the academy on the day.

  • From 10am to 6pm.

  • A pre- study manual and folder will be sent out to you prior to the course and an on-line test must be taken prior to the actual training day, the pass rate is 70% for attendance on the day. You will are also required to do a sensitive test

  • Models:

As you will be working on each other, models are not needed unless you are:

  • The only student booked onto the class

  • Contraindicated (please check list)

  • A pre-course sensitivity test is required 48 hours before attendance which will be sent out 2 weeks before your course date, if you have any reactions or contra-indications then you will need to bring a model on the day who has received a sensitivity test 48 hours prior to the course.

** You or your model are not able to receive treatment in class if the sensitivity test is not taken. **



Any recent surgery – head area


Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy



Eye Infection and Undiagnosed Eye Conditions

Eyelash Lice


Hypersensitivity Skin



LASER Eye Surgery recent

Madarosis – eyelash loss

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding



Shaking or Twitching



Trichiasis – ingrowing eyelashes


Weak or damaged lashes


Allergies / Hayfever



Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Virus)

Cuts, burns and abrasions

Diabetic Retinopathy


Dry Eye Syndrome





Hormone Imbalances / Menopause

Inflammation and Irritation

Laser Eye Surgery – fully healed and signed off by medial professional

Nervous Clients

Overhanging eyelids


Recent Beauty Treatment


Sensitive Eyes

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