Light Elegance Beginners Course

- £545.00 + VAT

No previous beauty or nail qualification needed. 3 days course with online pre-learning home study.

Learn how to become a Light Elegance Nail Enhancement Technician in just 3 days with a kit worth over £560.00 that includes the LE DOT lamp and the NEW sensational JimmyGel Builder gel!

The Light Elegance Beginners course is perfect for complete beginners and will provide you with the fundamental techniques that will assist you on your journey in creating perfect enhancement services.

Learn the difference between all of the 6 different Lexy Line hard gels and master the technique of using JimmyGel allowing you the nail professional the complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect nail every time.

By incorporating the Lexy Line into your services you can add structure, create nails of any length and shape and build beautiful nails that last over 4 weeks. With a pink for every skin tone the Lexy Line is designed to suit every skin type and style.

You'll get an introduction to the amazing high performance LE Gel colours, glitter gels and the advanced technology of the Buttercreams. You'll learn how to create the latest, on trend, most attractive nail art that will literally blow your clients minds!

Upon successful completion of this course, an official Light Elegance certificate will be awarded.

A description of what is covered on each day:
Day 1 – All things Lexy Line
Day 2 – JimmyGel and the Explosion of colour, glitter and sparkle
Day 3 - Final assessment day - model required


  • Kits and products are included worth over £560

  • 3 days (2 consecutive days together, 1 final assessment day approx 2 weeks later). Each day is 10am-4.30pm.

  • Professional dress

  • No models required for day 1 and day 2. Students will be working on each other. A Model IS REQUIRED for day 3.



£545.00 + VAT (Includes Lexy Line Pro Kit, LE DOT Lamp and the NEW sensational JimmyGel)